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Transitional dreads with swirled tips

First off I give credit of the tecnique to a lady on the fakehair community named Frau and this is her tutorial http://community.livejournal.com/fakehair/2886499.html.

So this is how I make my swirled transitionals. This is a lot of work!

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Comment's a questions please leave here http://delicstutorials.livejournal.com/5487.html thank you!

How To Make: Curly Dreads

Here's a different way of making curly dreads where you can do 12 at a time with out waiting for them to dry out.

Tutorial links- Ton's and Ton's of links!

Here is a bunch of links I have found for different types of tutorials. 

***Some of the links have changed and new ones added***


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I know this one is needed and I did all the pictures a while ago but decided to finaly get this done. I hope this will help some people out.

This tutorial can be used on other types of falls mounted on lace as well. The important part of the tutorial is the proper placement of the buns on the head. Some steps can be skipped but I did this so it's completly from begging to end type of tutorial.

Warning: Lot's of pictures! Not the best pictures either since i had to take them myself while trying to do it as well.

Layering Falls

This is a quick tutorial I whipped up. This is for those that want more coverage with their falls or have small bun diameters.


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Tutorial requests

This page has turned into a tutorial request page. If I can make it I will try eventualy to get it made and If I have a link to one It will be posted on the "Tutorial links" page. Thanks!


FAQ's and Comments

Comments for all tutorials can be posted here. This page has a lot of questions posted on it as well so you can use this to answer some questions you may have. More tutorials are on the way.

How to: Seal Single Ended Dreads

A little complicated but not that hard to do...enjoy!



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How to Make: Single Looped Dreads

This has taken me a while to finally get made. This will show you how to make the dreads with the loop on top...enjoy!


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Extra step

Ok this tutorial is an extra step in sealing dreads after you have used my special tea kettle meathod http://www.livejournal.com/users/delicstutorials/3238.html.


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 How to seal the ends using two different methods.


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How to: Seal Swirled Dreads

This tutorial details how to seal swirled dreads using my special tea kettle method. In order for this to work you need a similar tea kettle to do it. This is the one that I use.


I got it from Big Lots for $5.99. The brand is Bali and the style is Victoria.

This is the same tutorial as the last one but with different pictures and some additional steps.


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This tutorial details how to seal dreads using my special tea kettle method. In order for this to work you need a similar tea kettle to do it and it must be done on an ELECTRIC stove top or hot plate. This is the one that I use.


I got it from Big Lots for $5.99. The brand is Bali and the style is Victoria.


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How To Make: Swirled DE Dreads

This tutorial will try to explain how to make swirled/candy cane dreads.

For the first part of the tutorial please refer to the “How to make solid double ended dreads” tutorial from the beginning all the way to Step 5.


 ***Important Note Please Read!!! ***

You must divide the hair that you used for the single colored dread in half so they end up the same thickness. If you don’t the dread will end up double the thickness of the single colored dread.

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How to make: Solid Double Ended Dreads

This tutorial is on how to make solid double-ended dreads.


This is very detailed and full of pictures. Prepare for lots of reading and pictures downloading.


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Getting Started

First off have you visited this site?

http://www.hairextensionsforum.com/ lots of helpful post and people
For the live journal communities I suggest you look through their memories and archives first before asking a questions cause 9.9 out of 10 it's been asked before.
Ok that's it for the info....
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This page is going to have all the tutorials that I have made related to fake hair. I have many planed and will have them up soon. Comments will be disabled on the tutorials cause I want this page to be informative. I will have a comment post so you can comment on each tutorail where you can ask questions.

So keep an eye out and enjoy!